We tackle your communications systems and acoustical projects with focus, drive, and cutting-edge expertise—and lots of coffee & tea.

What we do


Design is in our DNA.

Design doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be smart. Allow us to solve your design dilemmas with innovative ideas that make sense for you. Our communications design and acoustic engineering teams create solutions tailored to your needs, then drafts drawings and specifications using only the best 3D-modeling software. And we listen to your feedback every step of the way.


Project Management

Your trusted supervisors from start to finish.

We guide you through to project completion. We can navigate contractor bids, inspect job sites, and oversee installation with only your best interests in mind. Our attention to detail ensures your expectations and requirements are being met.  And we can minimize costs and delays by handling last-minute revisions for you.  



Expert advice focused on you.

Our services go beyond design and project management. Have questions about integrating technology standards throughout your building or broader campus? We are pros at establishing doable standards in multiple buildings or locations. Or maybe the tech setup you have isn’t working the way it should. We hate to say it, but not all telecom and acoustic designers are as good as we are. Improperly designed or poorly installed systems can create major headaches. We’ll clean up your mess and get your site running smoothly in no time.

Design 27 has completed acoustical design work on performing arts venues, public spaces, studios, classrooms and open office environments. Depending upon the project requirements, we can provide broad conceptual master planning as well as detailed acoustical consulting with the appropriate materials and dimension requirements.

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