Meri Weber

Meri wears a lot of hats at Design 27, handling strategic planning, HR functions, company financials, and employee resource assurance. She enjoys seeing the excitement from clients as they go from envisioning the possibilities to the fulfillment of their ideas at the final project completion. In the office, Meri is loving the growth of Design 27 and getting fresh perspectives from the team. A lifelong native of Indianapolis, Meri enjoys Indy’s big city amenities with its small town feel. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her two boys, biking, running, cooking—and eating!

  • 01
    First D27 Project

    A really small IU project… alma mater so it was big fun!

  • 02

    Indiana University

    Elementary Education

  • 03
    Favorite Tech Gadget

    Sonos….hands down.